Design Rules

Cover of Design Rules by Elaine Griffin

Design Rules: The Insider’s Guide to Becoming Your Own Decorator
By Elaine Griffin
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Are you still living with boring white walls because you can’t find a color to commit to and are secretly terrified of making a mistake? Do you know that your living room doesn’t look as good as it could – or feel as comfortable as it should – but are so paralyzed by not knowing where to start . . . that you don’t?

Maybe you’re a more seasoned décor-ista: You’ve honed your style sense, know what you like and just need that tidbit of advice on how to tie it all together so it flows brilliantly, looks beautiful and feels warm, comfortable and inviting.

Whether you’re a design neophyte buying your first sofa for that first apartment or a talented style maven looking to bring a space to a polished, professional-looking level, Design Rules is the book you can’t live without.

Design Rules is filled with all the timeless decorating rules, measurements, proportions and visual truths that design professionals use with every project. They’re the style secrets and trade tricks that make rooms look professionally designed and ready to be snapped for the pages of a magazine, and can transform any space into sheer gorgeousness.

With stylish, helpful illustrations and chockfull of tips galore, Design Rules is the don’t-decorate-without-it bible for any home, anywhere, no matter what the style or budget. From living rooms to kitchens, baths and basements; from color to flooring to lighting; and all the design elements in between, Design Rules gives you practical, straightforward, useful advice including:

  • How to go beyond your go-to, favorite color and pick a pleasing color palette that works for you (you’ll never be intimidated by color again)
  • How to make a furniture layout work, in any room of any size
  • How to figure out which styles of furniture go together (there is a rule, and it’s easy!)
  • How to dress up even the dreariest kitchens, baths and even basements
  • How to mix, match and layer fabric patterns, textures and colors
  • And oodles more!

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